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Archaeology - Borderware before 1700

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The topic of Borderware has become a major topic, so this page has been reorganised to become the index for the subject. Unless your contribution is very short, please make links to your contribution from this page. Thanks, Richard Johnston, wikimaster Click here to contact Richard Johnston


Introduction and Overview

Why is Borderware so important?

Border ware Potteries by Jacqui Pearce, Museum of London, Lecture at Yateley 17 May 2007

Pots and Potters in Tudor Hampshire by Jacqui Pearce - new book 2007

The Blackwater Valley Potteries by Don Ridgers

Surrey Heath & the Borderware Industry By Richard Shegog

Sources of the Potter's Clay By Peter Tipton

Pottery Parishes

Potter Families


Potters' Biographies

John Monger, working 1544, Potter, Ash

John Marner alias Rogers, died 1580, Glover, Farnham

Richard Wright, died 1582, Potter, Farnborough

Richard Dee, died 1593, Potter, Lambeth

Robert Wright, died 1596, Potter, Cove

John Monger, will proved 1605, Potter, Ash

Herman Reynolds, died 1609, Potter, Farnborough

Henry Pullen, died 1616, Potter, Farnborough

John Durgate, died 1622, Potter, Cove

John Barum, died 1632, Cupmaker, Yateley

Robert Hall, died 1633, Potter, Cove

Thomas Reynolds, died 1636, Cove

Robert Gunner, died 1637, Potter, Frimley

John Milkton, died 1638, Potter, Farnborough

William Geale, died 1639, "the King's Cupmaker", Yateley

George Watts, will proved 1640, Potter, Ash

Richard Edsall, died 1641, Potter, Cove

Richard Taylor, died 1647, Potter, Cove

John Rogers alias Marner, died 1648, Farnborough

John Cantrill, died 1651, Frimley

Richard Trigg, died 1656, Potter, Hawley

Benjamin Monger, will proved 1661, Potter, Ash

Robert Hazell, died 1663, Potter, Cove

Richard Dorey, died 1663, Potter, Cove

Richard Edmead, will proved 1687, Chobham


Other Primary Sources

Wills, Inventories & Probate Accounts

Parish Registers

Taxation Records before 1688

Manorial Records


Borderware Notes & Queries are now on a separate page


Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 4:56 pm on Aug 20, 2006

In Richard Shegog’s article on the Borderware Industry, under the heading ‘A Potter’s biography’ he mentions John Smith, the son of William Smith and the likelihood of him being the John Smith, Potter of Frimley. In this context, there is a companion book to ‘William Smith, Potter and Farmer’ entitled ‘A Farmer’s Life’. This is written in the same anecdotal style by George Sturt, who was William Smith’s grandson and John Smith’s nephew. The book outlines the life of John Smith and says that despite learning the trade of a potter, he utterly disliked the industry. It becomes apparent from the book that after working out the tenancy of the farm in Farnborough, (confirmed in the 1881 census), he spent the remainder of his life as a dairy farmer living in Frimley, possibly at Mytchett Farm. The book also infers that there were a number of John Smiths in the vicinity. ‘A Farmer’s Life was originally published in 1922 as a limited edition under George Sturt’s pseudonym George Bourne. A facsimile of the original was published by Caliban Books in 1979.

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