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Page history last edited by Peter Tipton 11 years, 8 months ago

We want to encourage contributors to add short biographies of notable people who have lived in our region. Please add names in alphabetical order by surname, and add the parish with which they were associated.


John Aslott, died 1565, Wool Broker, Yateley

Thomas Brabon, died 1615, lawyer of the Inner Temple

Richard Dee, died 1593, Potter, Lambeth

William Geale, died 1639, "the King's Cupmaker", Yateley

Robert Hall, died 1633, Potter, Cove

William Hatt, died 1779, Victualler, Yateley

Sir William MacDonald, Air Chief Marshall, Yateley

Sir William More, died 1600, of Loseley

Herman Reynolds, will 1609, Potter, Farnborough

Sir John White, will 1573, MP, Lord Mayor of London, buried Aldershot

Richard White, died 1581, "the Queen's Cupmaker", Pirbright

Sir Thomas White, died 1567, Master of Requests, South Warnborough

Sir Thomas White, will 1641, of Farnham


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