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Commoners' Corner

A series of eight articles written by Peter Tipton in the mid 1990s for the Yateley Society newsletter. The objective was to keep in touch with members of the Society who held common rights and to inform other members about the recent history of Yateley Common, and current issues.


No 1 September 1995 - What are common rights?

No 2 December 1995 - Common Land & Public Access

No 3 April 1996 - Why does Yateley have Common Land?

No 4 September 1996 - Why does Yateley have so few Commoners?

No 5 April 1997 - The Welsh Drive & Blackwater Fair

No 6 June 1997 - Why are there Common Rights over Yateley Green?

No 7 October 1997 - Management of Yateley Common

No 8 Unpublished 1997 - Common Land & Planning Law


Some of the issues discussed are specific to the two year period, 1995-7. The third Fox Farm Inquiry commenced during the publication period considering land which would now be in the 400 metre zone of Natural England's Draft Delivery Plan. The Yateley Society amended its charitable model Civic Trust constitution to add a fourth object clause To conserve and enhance biological diversity within the area of benefit and to contribute to the conservation of natural habitats and ecosystems and the protection of flora an fauna characteristic of the area. The Yateley Society ran a very successful series of monthly public talks with the general title Heathland on your doorstep. Also in 1995 Miss Daphne Kirkpatrick, one of the original and staunchest of Commoners was contemplating changing her will. She was considering a legacy to the Open Spaces Society of her home, Moorside, her lands and her common rights in order to preserve the rights in perpetuity. Because of its constitution the Open Spaces Society was unable to accept the offer.


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