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WILL of George MONGER of ASH, Surrey probate 17 May 1614

PCC will ref PROB 11/123 Image reference 512/455

Transcript by Peter Tipton 15 May 2007


1 I the name of God Amen The second daye of Aprill

2 1613 And in the xith yeare of the raigne of our soveraigne Lorde king James I George

3 Monger of Ashe in the Countie of Surr Woodbrooker, beingeof good and perfect rememberance

4 thankes be given to God for it Doe make and ordeyne this my last will and Testament in

5 manner and forme followinge, That is to saye, Inprimis I bequeathe my soule into the handes

6 of Almightie God and his sonne Christ Jesus my alone Saviour and Redeemer and

7 God the holy Ghoste my sanctifier. And my body to the earth from whence it came, And

8 to be buried in the Church Yarde of Ashe aforesaid. Item I give to the Church of Ashe iijs

9 iiijd, Item I give to the poore of Ashe aforesaid to be equally divided amonge them xs, Item

10 I give to each of my brothers Children vs a peece, Item I give to Edmond Watts my sister

11 Alice her sonne vs. Item I give to everie one of my god children xijd a peece. Item I give to

12 Thomas Cooke my sonne in law and Jane his wife ijs, Item I give to my sonne George Monger

13 one hundred and Tenn Pounds of good and lawfull money of England to be paid to him at the

14 age of xxj years, but if it shall happen that my said sonne George to dye before he accomplishe

15 the age of xxj yeares, Then his said portion to remayne equallie to be divided betweene

16 Robert Monnger his brother and Alice his sister or to either of them that shalbe then livinge

17 at the time of his death. Item I give and bequeathe to my said sonne George Monnger one parcell

18 of lande called by the name of Woodach lying in Ash aforesaid And two parcells of lande in

19 the same parish called Springe saw (/) and the other plott adjoyning to it, And also a certeyne

20 More called Thortmoore (?) conteyning by estimacion six Acres be it more or lesse lying in

21 Ashe aforesaid Item I give to the said George a featherbed and bedsted with all things thereunto

22 belonginge, and two kyne to be delivered unto him within five yeares after my decease,

23 Provided allwayes and my will and mynde is, That the said legacies before give before given (sic)

24 to my said sonne George shall be received by my Overseers with in one yeare after my decease

25 and to be putt out to use. And the use thereof to be to my Executor till my sonne George

26 full atteine to the age of Eighteene Years, And afterwardes the use thereof to remayne to

27 the use of my said sonne George till he shall atteyne to the age of xxj yeares, Provided

28 also and my will and mynde is, That if my sonne George shall happen to die with out

29 heires male of his body lawfully begotten, Then I give and bequeath the aforesaid parcells of

30 land to my sonne Robert Monger and the heires male of his body lawfully begotten, And

31 for want of such issue Then I give the said parcells of land called Springe sawe and the

32 plott adjoyning to it. To the heires male of my brother John Monnger deceased for ever

33 and the residue to the heires of my sonnes for ever. And I will allso that my wife shall

34 have the use of all the lands before given, for the terme of foure yeares after my decease,

35 Item I give to my sonne Robert Monnger xs, Item I give more to my said sone Robert

36 Monnger Thirtie Pounds to be paid him within one yeare after he hath yelded and given

37 his mother accoumptes of all dues and demandes which he hath received that was due unto

38 me, Item I give to my daughter Alice Monnger Threescore pounds of lawfull English

39 money to be paid her at the age xvj yeares. And then to be put forth for her best

40 advantage till her age of xxtie yeares at the discretion of my Overseers. Item I give to the

41 two servantes nowe dwellinge with me iijs iiijd a peece, And to my man servante one

42 sute of my apparell to be given them within one month after my decease, Item all the rest of

43 my goodes and Chattles and Cattells moveable and unmoveable I give and bequeath to

44 Annis my wyfe whome I ordeyne and make my sole Executrix of this my lat will and

45 Testament to see my Debtes paide my legacies performed and funerall discharged, And

46 I ordeyne and make my Overseers John Baker of Pirbright Thomas Smyther of

47 Worpleston and Henry Eed of Ashe, And also I ordeyne and make them them Gardiens to

48 my children, And also to see my will and Testament performed, And I give to each of

49 them for their paynes takem herin xs a peece, And I will that their charges about the performance

50 of this my will shalbe alowed out of my estate, And I doe these presents revoke and disannul

51 all former wills whatsoever And do will that this shall stand for my last will and Testament

52 These wordes in the seaventh lyne which are blotted is a hundred and Tenn poundes witnesses

53 William Frensham and John Frensham, George Monger Witnesses the marke of William

54 Frensham, John Frensham, et mei Walter Crast


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NOTE: Walter Crast was John Monger's son-in-law. He married John's daughter Elizabeth in 20 Feb 1605 (information from Sally Nicholson from IGI)

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