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How to use this Forum


It is very easy to read what is here, and editing is also easy. You edit this page using the edit button and you can then edit the page.


If you want to make a new link you make it from an existing page, by writing a specially formatted word. It must be a "wiki-word", that is a word composed of at least TwoWords with no space between and the initial letters capitalised. Finish editing the page, then the new link will be there in red and with a dotted underline. Click that to open and edit the new page.


Peter Tipton provides detailed instructions on exactly how to edit a page: EditPageInDetail


Please remember to LOgout using the blue button at the top of the page when you have finished editing.


Wikis are tools to allow for collaborative writing. Every visitor to a wiki can edit any page on the wiki. Editing is done in a very simple text language that is much easier to learn and read than HTML.


You can play around in the SandBox to get used to editing your wiki; you can also check out WikiStyle to learn more about wiki style rules.

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