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The 'Grene Pottes' letter 1594

Letter from Julius Caesar, Inner Temple to Sir William More of Loseley


This letter in the Loseley Papers** is now at Surrey History Centre, Woking referenced 6729/7/148. It first

came to light in 1835 in the "Loseley Manuscripts" A J Kempe, pp310-11, London 1835. The letter was also

catalogued in the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts Seventh Report Part I p.652c, 1879.


Wheras in tymes past the bearer hereof hath had out of the Parke of Farnham belonging to the Busshopprick of Winchester certaine White Cley for the making of grene pottes usually drunke in by the gentlemen of the Temple. And nowe understanding of some restraint thereof, and that you (amongest others) are authorized there in divers respectes during the vacancye of the said Busshoppricke. My request therefore unto you is, and the rather for that I am a member of the said house, that you would in favour of us all, permytt the bearer hereof to digge and carye awaie so muche of the said claye as by him shalbe thought sufficient for the furnishing of the saide howse with grene pottes as aforesaid, payinge as he hath heretofore for the same. In accomplishment wherof my self with the whole societie shall acknowledge ourselves muche beholden unto you and shalbe readie to requite you at all tymes hereafter with the like pleasure. And so I bid you moste hartelie farewell. Innr Temple this xixth of August 1594.

Yr assured freind,


To the right worshipful Sir W'm Moore, Knight geve these


It was assumed for years therefore that the 'grene pottes' may have been made in potteries in Farnham. It was not until the tree blew over at Farnborough Hill in the 'big wind' (?) revealing pottery sherds that it became apparent that the drinking pots used in the Inner Temple had been made in Farnborough.


The big unresolved question is who carried the letter to Sir William More, since he was the person who 'in tymes past' had dug the white clay for making the pots, and intended 'to digge and carye awaie so muche of the said claye as by him shalbe thought sufficient for the furnishing of the saide howse with grene pottes'.


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