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Inventory of William Watts of Hawley, Yateley - 1558

page prepared from the original transcription by Peter Tipton January 2009

Original will in Hampshire Record Office - reference as per page name ie 1558B/266


Wills and inventories were transcribed for the Yateley History Project in 1982/85 by Don Ridgers, Alison Ridgers, Caroline Powell, Agnes Stephenson and Jill Wilbrahim under the direction of Dr John Porter

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Inventory: Wyllyam Watese of Hawley - 1558

1 The Inventory off alle ye guds & cattelse of wyllyam wats off haully late
2 desseste preysyed by iiij credabel me(n) ye x daye of october In ye yere off oure
3 lorde god md lviij ye preysserse off ye same Roberte wats ye helder Roberte
4 wats ye younger henry wats Rycherde porter
5 The haulle one tabele a peyre off trestelse aforme to sympyle kyttelse
6 In one braspot half a dossen peywter fessele iij boulse
7 one spyn(n)ynge wylse iiij tobbes w(i)t(h) hother lombry xxj s viij d
8 In the chamber one fether bead ij coverlets w(i)t(h) boulsterse
9 ij tabelclothes one cheste to cofferse & vj per of shyts xxxiiij s iiij d
10 I(te)m one haxe a byle a spyet a shouffele a gyrderen
11 pot hokes pot ha(n)gerse iiij s iij d
12 It(e)m iiij workyng boulloks ye pryce v li
13 It(e)m iiij kyne ye pryce iiij li
14 It(e)in iiij hecferse one stere & a boulle iiij li iij s
15 It(e)m ij waynynge boulloks ye pryce x s
16 I(te)m one mare one horse & a kowlte ye p(r)ys ij li
17 It(e)m xl shype ye pryce iij li xiij s iiij d
18 I(te)m x smaule hogges ye pryce xx s
19 I(te)m viij gysse viij he(n)nes & a kocke ye pryce iiij s viij d
20 I(te)m ye carte & plowe w(i)t(h) thynges belonge ther to pryce viij s
21 It(e)m rye & hots yn ye baron ye pryce v li
22 I(te)m all ye heye ye pryce ij li
23 The Soume co(m)mythe to
24 xxx li xix s iij d

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