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Inventory of Henry WATTS of Bramshot, Yateley, died 1592

page prepared by Peter Tipton 5 Jan 2008

Hampshire Record Office Ref 1592A/127

Yateley History Project transciption E032

Please note: the transcription below is that made by the Yateley History Project over 20 years ago.


1 Inventorie of all the goodes and chattells off Henrie Watts off Bramshotte

2 in the Parishe off Yateleye deceassed, taken and praised by Nicolas Watts

3 John Reeves, Robert Puttocke, Robert Watts, Raphe Marscall, Robert Watts

4 off ffrymleye, Thomas Watts, Richrd Stevens, and William Gosden


5 Imprimis in the halle a plank table upon

6 tresselles, a foorme, a boorde at ye walle,

7 an old round chayre, three litill Stooles,

8 towe boordes for Shelves vjs

9 Item all his wearing apparrell for his bodie xxs

10 Item in the kytchen three brasse pottes, ffoure

11 kettells, a brasse panne, a Skillet, a frieng

12 panne, a brasen chafing dishe xls

13 Item in the Inner lofte, a bedstedle, a flocke

14 bed, a fether bolster, towe coverlets, a blanket

15 a bed testerne off lynnen xs

16 Item in the lofte three coffres, towe

17 tresselles and a pece off boorde iijs

18 Item a parcell of lambes woll and lockes xs

19 Item xiiij# of course yarne at ye weavers ixs iiijd

20 Item in a litill lowe chamber a cupboorde

21 towe olde chestes, a kiever xs

22 Item fyve working bulloks or oxen ix£

23 Item xij yong beasts, heyfers and Steeres xiiij£

24 Item xiij lesser bullocks heyfers & steeres x£

25 Item eight score Shepe and lambes xxxviij£

26 Item in the buttrie three drink vessells

27 a cheare, towe bucketts, a tubbe, three

28 Shelves off boordes, Item ye dishes, trenchers

29 a wollen wheele, a boule & wodden lumber iiijs

30 Item three axes, ffoure billes, three Sythes,

31 a mattock, a litill hand sawe, a gridyron,

32 Three wedges, Agers, Syckles, hookes

33 Towe paire sheeres & other olde yron vjs

34 Item towe old cartes, the ploughe, ye yokes

35 cheynes, furniture, horsse harnes,

36 harrowes, Dung potte xliijs iiijd

37 Item upon the ground growing xiij

38 acres off Rye suche as it is ix£

39 Item tenne acres off Boockwey otherwise

40 called ffrenche wheate v£

41 Item eleven pewter platters, seven pewter

42 dishes, towe Sacers, one pewter saltseller

43 a pewter candlestick, sixe pewter Spoones xijs

44 Item one Andyron, one trevet, one fire shovell

45 a paire off pothangers, a paire of pot

46 hookes, one broche iijs

47 Item in ye lowe chamber, a fether bed a fether

48 bolster, a coverlet, a blanket, a boord bed stedle xxvijs viijd

49 Item in ye other lofte an old boord bedstedle, a

50 flockebed a flok bolster, towe blanketts ixs

51 Item in ye lofte over the halle, three tubbes, a

52 cheste, an old cradle, a Reele, three shelve

53 boordes, a paire off Stockcardes vjs

54 Item an hundreth and eighte ffleeses off

55 wolle one with another v£

56 Item paire of Sheetes xs

57 Item eighte keyne and a bulle xv£

58 Item sixe weynell Calves iij£ vs

59 Item three mares and towe coltes vj£

60 Item o sowe and xvij yong Shootes xlvjs viijd

61 Item in ye old kitchen a plank table upon

62 Tressells, a cheese presse, a honie brake

63 towe cheese vates, an old troughe, Item a

64 poudring troughe with other wodden

65 vessell and lumber vjs

66 Item lxxv hyves off bees small and greate

67 the better to mend the worsse, one

68 with another xvj£ vjs viijd

69 Item three hogs and a flitch of bacon xxvjs viijd

70 Item xxiij cheese one with another xvs iiijd

71 Item in the barne corne unthressed & thressed

72 with a certaine of corne and malte

73 in the housse liijs iiijd

74 Item in the barne a willie baskett xvjd

75 Item three acres of oates xxiiijs

76 Item the heye in the barne liijs iiijd

77 Item xx poultrie great and small vjs viijd


78 Summa totalis jC liij£ xiijs iiijd £153 13s 4d


Wills and inventories were transcribed for the Yateley History Project in 1982/83 by Don Ridgers, Alison Ridgers, Caroline Powell & Agnes Stephenson under the direction of Dr John Porter


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