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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 8 months ago

Will of Henry WATTS of Bramshott, Yateley, died 1558

page prepared by Peter Tipton 5 January 2008

Hampshire Record Office Ref 1558B/263

Yateley History Project transciption D001

Please note: the transcription below is that made by the Yateley History Project over 20 years ago. I have not seen the original, and am therefore unclear as the the use of the brackets. Futhermore the name in the original will is Henry Wates which has been incorrectly rendered on the HRO CALM database as WAITES. The correct modern surname WATTS is apparent from the surnames of his children in the text.


1 (In the name of god) amen ye syxthe daye off September In ye yere off ye lorde god m d lviij I henry wates of bramshote In

2 (ye parish) off yatly beynge syke off body & hole off mynde do make my laste wylle & testament In maner & fourme

3 (followyng) fyrste I be queste my soulle to all myghtty god & to oure laydy saynt mary & to alle ye co(m)pany off heven

4 (and my body to be bur)yed In my paryche chourcheyarde off yatly I geve to ye mother chourche off wynchester ij d

5 (*blank*c)hylderen iiij d a pyece I geve to anyse gerrynge one lyttele fether bead w(i)t(h) a peyre of shyts I geve

6 (*blank*) gerrynge one hecfer off to yere & ye fantage w(i)t(h) caulfe iij yowe shype one hyff one fether beade w(i)t(h) alle ympleme(n)ts

7 to ye same one brase pot ij platerse ij potengerse & ye coberde In ye haule I geve to Johne my son ye lese off my

8 ) yt(that) lyeth yn frymly caulled sedgmore meade I geve to all my chylderen yt be maryed xx s a pyece & to all my

9 ) _ eache off them one shype allso I geve to ellyn my dowtter one hecffer boulloke off one yere &

10 age I geve to wyllyam benylete one stere off one yere & ye fantage to shype & a hyffe off beysse I geve

11 (to toma?)se wats my brotherse sone ij shype I geve to my brother Tomase wats my seconte beste kote my lether doublet

12 ) horse I geve to my syster alsse younge xx d off mon(e)y I geve to Jone my doutter one off my

13 ) one gud hyff off beysse vj platerse ii potengerse ij sausserse ij ca(ndle)stykes one brasepote off to gallense & __ one

14 off gallense my beste fether bead w(i)t(h) boulsterse pyllows wyte tester a peyre off shyts my best coverlede

15 )ate & x li off mon(e) or mon(e)y worthe I geve to styven my son my beste brase pote one flokbeade w(i)t(h) alle ympyle

16 ments) ye same ij youse & iiij. li off mon(e)y allso myto sectourse to paye ye fyne off ye house ate farroneborowe for ye be hoffe

17 )en my younggeste son allso I wylle yt Johne & tomase my to sonse to be my exsectorse off alleye ressedeue off my

18 )s une be queste & they to take ye proffyte off my housse & grounde lyynge & beynge at storgese deurynge ye lease

19 )sye my body honestly broughte to ye yearthe allso I wylle & dessyre Tomase hount & Rycherde wats my son to

20 )thys my laste wylle & testament & they to have for ther paynse iiij s a pyece In wytnese

21 (where) off Johne sylvester Wyllyam haulle Tomase hounte.


Wills and inventories were transcribed for the Yateley History Project in 1982/83 by Don Ridgers, Alison Ridgers, Caroline Powell & Agnes Stephenson under the direction of Dr John Porter

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