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Will of Henry Watts of Southwood, Hawley, Yateley - 1558

page prepared by Peter Tipton July 2008

Original will in Hampshire Record Office - reference 1559B/095

Wills and inventories were transcribed for the Yateley History Project in 1982/85 by Don Ridgers, Alison Ridgers, Caroline Powell, Agnes Stephenson and Jill Wilbrahim under the direction of Dr John Porter


1 In ye name off god amen ye fyrste daye off august In ye yere off oure lorde god m d lviij I henry watese off Southeoud In ye

2 paryche off yatly beynge syke off body & hole off mynde do make my laste wylle & testament In maner & fourme

3 followynge fyrste I be queste my soule to alle myghty god & to oure laydy saynt mary & to alle ye co(m)peny off heven & m(y)

4 body to beryd In my paryche chourcheyard off yatly It(e)m I geve to ye mother chourche off wynchester ij d I geve to

5 Johen barlan my godson vj d so yt(that) yt shaule not be payyed untyle the chylde be off descressyon I bequest to Jone fylde

6 my sarvante one hecfer wanynge boulloke & one off my beste youse allso I geve my chylderen haulfe my shype & haulfe my (*BLANK*)

7 rother bese throwe & one baye mare kowlte off one yere oulde & ye vantage so yt(that) my chylderen shaule have porsyon lyke (*BLANK*)

8 I geve to Elssebethe my dowtter my greate pane also I make margete my wyff my soulse exsector of alle ye ressedue

9 off my guds yf un be quest & shewe to sye my body honestely brought to

ye yearthe allso I wylle & dessyre my

10 fatherelawe Robarte wats & my brotherlawe Robarte kawete to be ye supervyserse off thys my laste wylle & testament

11 and they to sye my be queste to be delyvered at ye monthe tyede for ye profyt & welthe off my chylderse be house yff any off

12 my chylderone fayle unmaryede then ye guds to remayne to ye hother yff god do ys wylle by them alle une maryed then ye

13 guds to remayne bake to margate my wyffe so yt(that) my hover syerse shaulle have for there paynse iij s iiij d a pyece

14 In wytnese were off Robarte wats John sylvester & Rycharde porter & hary wats.


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