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Will of Henry WATTS of Bramshot, Hawley, Yateley - 1592

page prepared by Peter Tipton July 2008

Original will in Hampshire Record Office - reference 1592A/127

Wills and inventories were transcribed for the Yateley History Project in 1982/85 by Don Ridgers, Alison Ridgers, Caroline Powell, Agnes Stephenson and Jill Wilbrahim under the direction of Dr John Porter


1 In the name off Godde Amen the ffirst daye off Julie in the xxxiiijtie yere off

2 the quenes mts Regne & I Henrie Watts off Bramshott in the Parishe off Yateleye being

3 weake and sicke in bodie but off good and perffit remembrannce praised be god theirffore

4 Doo make my laste will and testamente in fforme following videlicet ffirst I doo bequeathe

5 and comend my Soulle nowe and ever unto almyghtie God my maker redeemer and

6 Sanctiffier by whose mercie I beleve undoutedlie to be saved & enjoie everlasting lyffe

7 and my bodie to be buried within the churche yard of yateleye at the discretion off myne

8 executeurs and overseers Item I bequeath to the mother churche off winton ijd Item I

9 bequeathe towards the reparations off yateleye churche towe shillings Item I bequeathe to

10 ffarnborrowe Churche xijd Item I bequeathe to ye poore people of Cove eighte busshells off

11 Rye to be dealt among them at the discretion of myne executeurs Item I bequeath to everieone

12 off my God children a lambe a pece eche off them Item I bequeath to my Sisters videlicet Jone hailles

13 Besse grover Elenor Smalle to eche and everie of them a hyve off bees ffor the use off their

14 Children to be putt to encreasse and profite by eche Sister for her children Item I bequeathe

15 to william Tillier an heyffer with calffe Item to Thomas attrythe an heyfer withe calffe

16 Item I bequeathe to William Tilliers child a lambe Item to George Goodyeers child a lambe

17 Item I bequeath and geve to my Sonnes Nicolas Watts and Humfrie Watts all myne

18 intereste and terme off yeeres whiche I have yet to come unexpired off and in anye lands

19 and grounds whiche I doo holde and enjoie by leasse, to be occupied jointlie betwene them

20 excepting and reserving to my wyffe three acres in the towe lesser closses and towe

21 acres in the bigger closse to be sowen by her or her assyneis to thirds as often as my said sonnes

22 shall sowe ye same during the terme of my leasse theiroff Item I bequeathe to my wyffe

23 towe ambling Coltes Item I will and ordeyne that my said Towe Sonnes shall & enjoie

24 the one hallffe of all the housse roomthe off the barnes and ffother housses and of ye heysses

25 and also the backer roomthe or kitchen off the Dwelling housse Item I will & ordeyne

26 that my saide towe sonnes shall have holde and enjoie the meadoe called eastmead to be

27 occupied jointlie betweene them during their mothers lyfftyme and also I will ye orchard

28 and Garden of hyves to be occupied and enjoied betwene my wyffe and my saide towe sonnes

29 Item I will and ordeyne that my saide sonne Nicolas shall paie to his brother humffrie twentie shillings

30 by the yere for twelve yeeres next after his mothers deceasse either oute of the saide meadoe

31 called eastmeadoe or otherwyse. All the reste of my goodes and chattells whatsoever I

32 will that the same shalbe parted in three equall p(ar)tes and devided betwene my wyffe

33 Margaret and my said towe sonnes Nicolas and Humffrie whom I doo make & ordeyne

34 all three jointlie myne executeurs And I doo appoint and ordeyne Raphe Marschall

35 Thomas Watts, Robert Watts of ffrimley and Richard Stevens overseers off this

36 my last will and I doo bequeathe to eche off them towards their paines fyve shillings

37 a pece eche off them This my last will I have made and caused to be written

38 in fforme as above in the presence off Lawrens Stonell and Alexander Reade


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