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Bagshot Hall by John Jillings @ £1.00

Bisley Bits by Rev J Carter @ £4.95

Bisley People in the 16th & 17th Centuries by RJ Palmer @ £3.00

Buildings of Historic Interest: Frimley & Camberley by Peter Gray @ £1.00

Camberley in the 1920s by Surrey Heath History Club @ £1.25

Camberley in the 1930s by Surrey Heath History Club @ £1.75

Camberley's Mysterious Obelisk by Gordon Wellard @ £2.00

Chobham Common Great Camp 1853 edited by Phil Stevens @ £4.75

Chobham goes to school by Richard Wilson @ £5.95

Cordwalles School by Danny Lewis @ £2.50

Education in Surrey Heath by Phil Stevens @ £2.00

Emily Jane Popejoy by John Jillings @ £4.00

Faith in Frimley by Mary Bennett @ £4.00

Family of Love by John Jillings @ £1.00

First Yockley Lady by Mary Cox @ £1.50

Frimley & Tekels Park Estates by Kathleen Burgess @£4.00

Frimley C of E School by Mary Bennett @ £3.50

Frimley Green by Heather Toynbee @ £2.75

Heatherside; a gardeners world by Mary Cox @ £3.50

Heenan v Sayers by Ken Clarke @ £1.75

I remember Chobham by Gill Willis @ £3.00

Medieval Surrey Heath by Phil Stevens @ £6.99

Mytchett Place & Rudolf Hess by Richard Shegog @ £2.95

Old Dean by Phil Stevens @ £1.25

Old Frimley by Daisy Hills @ £4.95

Our Home Front edited by Sharon Cross @ £2.99

Robert Haining School by Richard Shegog @ £2.00

Surrey Heath in the Dark Ages by Phil Stevens @ £3.99

Surrey Heath under the Tudors & Stuarts by Phil Stevens @ £9.99

The Duke of Connaught's Bagshot (1880-90) by Jim Wheeler @ £3.00

The Old Brigade: Frimley & Camberley Fire Brigade by George Bradnam @ £2.75

The Story of West End by Ena Simmons @ £3.50

The Village Post by Mary Bennett @ £4.95

Village at War Frimley by Roy Forster @ £3.00

Windlesham's Village School by Jean Forbes @ £2.00


These publications are available at Surrey Heath Museum tel: 01276 707284 or

from Phil Stevens: philstevens@ntlworld.com



Out of print but in libraries, available second hand and essential:

A History of Bagshot and Windlesham by Marie Eedle

A History of Chobham by Robert Schueller

The Story of Camberley by Gordon Wellard

The Story of Frimley Fuel Allotments Charity by Gordon Wellard

The Story of Frimley Park Mansion by Gordon Wellard



Available from Ken Clarke tel: 01252 836726

Cadaver in Camberley,Demise in Deepcut by Ken Clarke @ £4.99

Camberley at War by Ken Clarke @ £2.00

Clarke's View of Camberley by Ken Clarke @ £2.00

France Hill School by Ken Clarke @ £3.00

Pubs in Frimley & Camberley before 1950 by Ken Clarke @ £3.99

Ravenscote School by Ken Clarke @ £1.50


also videos by the late John King @ £4.99

Frimley & Camberley Grammar School 1936-8 people, personalities, events (48 mins)

RMAS, Collingwood Fete, old Cottage Hospital and carnivals (54 mins)

Brighton 1946-56 (43 mins inc 9 mins of Camberley)

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