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Will of Katherine White, widow of Sir John White of Aldershot, proved 24 Dec 1576

transcribed by Peter Tipton, January 2010 from PROB11/58 TNA on-line image ref 527/401


In the name of god amen I Katherine White widowe late the

2  wife of Sir John White Knight late Alderman of Londin deceased beinge in health of bodie

3  and of perfecte Remembrance (praise be to Almightie god) and myndefull of the Inconstante

4  state  of this mortall life do ordaine this my present Testament in manner and forme as followeth

5  Firste I do bequeath my sowle to Almightie god with humble prayer That by his mercye I

6  maye be received into his heavenly sight through the passion of owre saviour Jesus Christ

7  And I will that my bodie be buried within the parishe Church of St Dunstans in the Easte

8  within the Citie of London where my father do lie buried and in which parrishe I was borne Mr

9  Deane of Powles of Mr Deane of Westminster to make a Sermon there at my buriall

10 And that my Executors shall distribute amongst the poore at the saide  Church uppon the

11 Daye of my Buriall fortie shillinges  And I bequeath to the poore of the parrishe of St Bartil

12 mewes where I nowe dwell Twentie Shillings  And to the prisoners of the fowre prisons that

13 is to saye Newgate, the Counters in Woodstrete, and Pultrye and Bethleme in London twenty

14 shillinges for every of the same fowre houses  And my will and meaninge is That my Executors

15 shall not excede in the expences of my funeralls together with the distributions to the poore and

16 prisons aforesayde above the some of one hundred and fortye powndes  As towching the residewe

17 of my goodes and Debtes saving such legacies as I shall hereafter bequeath in this my will

18 after my debtes paide I will the same to be devided into two equall partes whereof one parte

19 being a moitie I do bequeath to my daughter Katherin White to be delyvered and paide to her

20 at her age of Twentie Yeares or daye of marriage if she marry before the saide age  And I be

21 queath the other moitie of the residue of my goodes betweene my two sonnes John and Thomas

22 White to be paide to them at theire severall ages of Twentie foure years   And if anie of my saide

23 sonnes or daughter die without issue of theire bodie lawfullye begotten before the severall tymes of

24 payment to them limited Then I will the survivor or survivors of them or anie of them survivinge

25 to have the parte and partes of him or them deceased to be divided equally betwene them  And

26 if all my saide thre Children die without issue of their bodies Lawfully begotten before they shall

27 enjoie theire severall legacies aforesaid Then I will that all the same legacies to them bequea

28 thed shall remaine and be devided betwene my thre other Children That is to saye John and Willm

29 Allen, and Margery Lightfoote, and to the Survivor or survivors of them   Item I will that

30 my Executors shall at theire good discretions sett forth my saide Childrens porcions for the

31 advancement and Commoditie of those my thre yonger Children the same to be awnswered

32 and paide to them together with theire ptes in manner aforesaide  Item I bequeath to me saide

33 Daughter Katherine White all my Jewells That is to saye my Chaines, my gudell bracelette

34 Tablettes and ringes of goulde and my perrells which I shal have at the time of my decease

35 Item I bequeath to her painted Table containge her owne picure  Item my will is That

36 my Executors do presearve and kepe for my saide sonne John White such parcels of his owne

37 plate as were given him by his good frendes nowe remaininge in my Custodie  That is to saye Firste

38 one standinge Cuppe of silver and guilte Item one guilte bowle with a Cover Item a guilte pott

39 with a Cover all which thre parcells were of the guifte of his late uncle John sometyme Bisshopp of Winton

40 Item one other standinge Cupp guilte of the guifte of th late Lorde William Marques of Winton

41 Item twoe guilte Spoones of the guifte of the Lady Laxton  All the aforesaide parcells to be delivered

42 to my saide sonne John White at his lawfull age  Item my will is that my Executors shall deliver

43 to my saide Daughter Katheryne the Jewell of golde remayninge in my Custody bequeathed to he in the

44 laste will of the saide Sir John White her father accordinge to the meaninge of my saide husbandes will

45 Item I bequeathe to my Daughter Margerye Lightfote my booke of goulde with the letters J . K which

46 my husbande Jasper Allen her father gave me havinge the Storye of Judeth and Holifeynes   Item

47 I bequeath to her my Bason and Ewer of silver pcell guilte wich was sometimes my late husbandes Sir

48 John White  Item I bequeath to my brother Richarde Sodye Twentie powndes  Item I bequeathe

49 to my sister Gibons a standing Cupp of silver and guilte which was sometimes her brother Grenewayes

50 with the letters of  # . K . G   Item I bequeath to Margaret Huse my whistle of goulde   Item I

51 give to such of my maide servantes as shalbe with me at the time of my decease (twenty crossed out) fourty Shillings

52 a pece   Item to such of my men servantes a shalbe in my Service at the time of my decease twentie

53 Shillings a pece  Item I ordaine for Executors of this my laste will my sonnes in lawe Lawrence

54 Huse and John Lightfote Grocer and William Gibons Salter whom I request to take paines for

55 me as well in the execution hereof as towching theire good discretion and helpe for the bringinge

56 upp of my saide thre yonger Children givinge to every of my saide Executors for theire paines

57 herein Tenne powndes apece  And I make my sonne John Allen Overseer of this my will desiring

58 him to see the same accomplished according as my truste is in him To whom I give for his paines

59 herein fyve powndes  In witness whereof I have sett hereunto my hande and seale The Eight

60 Daye of Julye in the yeare of owre Lorde god 1574  In the presence of me William Shorte Grocer

61 Geyles Howlande grocer, and William Broke Notarye



62 Be it knowne That I the saide Katherine White have and do add to my former

63 will by waye of Codicell as followeth   First I will to the poore of the parish of St Dunstans

64 over and besides my former bequeaste Twentie Shillings to be distributed by my Executors at my

65 buriall   Item more to the poore of St Bartilmewes parish besides the former bequeaste fortye

66 Shillinges   Item more to the fowre prisons abovenamed besides theire former legacies foure powndes

67 Item  I bequeathe to the Hospital of Christ Church thre powndes  Item I bequeath to Elizabeth

68 Curtess my Servante besides her former legacie thre powndes  Item I bequeath to John Saxby

69 if he be with me at my decease besides his former legacie Twentie Shillings   And in witness

70 of the promisses I have sett my hande the xxth Daye of September in the yeare or owre Lord

71 god 1576  In the presence of me John Sodaye  Incent (?) Godman Grocer and Wilm Brokes Notary



72 Memorandum  That the Twentie and seaventh Daye of September in the

73 yeare of owre Lorde God one Thowsande five hundred seaventye and six Dame Katherine

74 Whyte Widow beinge of perfect memory did bequeath to John Symons her servante the somme

75 of five powndes over and besides the legacie give him in her will which she wolde to be defrayed to him

76 by the discreation of her Executors as he shall have neede thereof from time to time  In witness

77 whereof the witness under written have subscribed their names the Daye and Yeare above written

78 In the presence of me Willyam Shorte Grocer and Incent Godman



79 Memorandum That the Eighte and twentieth Daye of Septembre One Thousand

80 five hundred and Seaventie and Six Dame Katheryne White widdowe did declare her will That

81 where she had made William Gibons and John Lightfoote two of her Executors in her former will

82 now her meaninge is They shall stande her Executors uppon this condicon That they and eny

83 of them become bownde to Lawrence Huse Doctor of Lawe whome also she made (inserted: #####) her before the

84 provinge of her will in the some of fowre or five hundred powndes for the payment of suche

85 Debtes as they owe to the saide Ladye to the Accompte of her saide laste will  In the presence of

86 Mr John Scarlett parson Mary Offlay John Saxby and John Swayne



87 Memorandum That the Eight and Twentie of September 1576 beinge

88 Frydaye Dame Katherine White Widdowe declaring her meaninge of he former will before the

89 witness underwritten saide and confessed That her will was that the reasidue of her goodes

90 her debtes and legacies comprehended in her former will discharged should be

91 devided into two partes, whereof one parte she had and wolde

92 give to her daughter Katherine White and the other moietie or halfe between her two sonnes

93 John White and Thomas White   And then she gave to her brother John Sodaye Twenty

94 Powndes   In witness hereof we have setto owr handes the Daye and Yeare above written

95 Mary Offley Anthony Sodaye John Saxby Katherine Gibbons Allice Gibbins and John

96 Swayne


Probate granted to Lawrence Huse and William Gibbens 24 December 1576


NOTE FROM  PJT:  The 'Lawrence Huse' to whom Katherine White's probate was granted was probably Lawrence Hussey, Doctor of Civil Law. According to Curtis he had married Margaret eldest daughter of Sir John White and his first wife Sybil White. Curtis says that Margaret Hussey was buried in Christ Church Newgate 6 Aug 1571 (ie before the above will was first written. Katherine's bequest of her gold whistle to Margaret Hussey would therefore make no sense. Curtis also states that it appears that the same Lawrence Hussey also later married Joan the younger sister of his first wife Margeret, and that she died before 1573.  In 1574 there was living a Margaret Hussey: the daughter of Lawrence and Margaret Hussey baptised at Christ Church Newgate on 30 July 1568. Perhaps this little girl was the intended recipient of the gold whistle.


Lawrence Hussey appears to have been the overseer of the will of Admiral Sir John Hawkins in 1595






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